Sarah's Quinceañera Celebration at Old Hickory Golf Club in Woodbridge, VA

The Details

Sarah's Quinceañera at Old Hickory Golf Club in Woodbridge, VA was a truly enchanting celebration that transported guests to a world of elegance, tradition, and vibrant jubilation. The stunning blue decorations, reflective of Sarah's favorite color, created a mesmerizing ambiance that showcased her unique style and personality. The event was steeped in time-honored traditions, such as the shoe exchange and the passing down of a special stuffed animal to the next future Quinceañera, symbolizing the continuity of culture and values. As the night unfolded, the air was filled with infectious energy as guests joined in on dancing during 'La Hora Loca', culminating in a finale that resonated with love, unity, and unforgettable memories for Sarah and her loved ones to cherish forever.

Photographer: Francesca Cardoza Photography